Developmental work

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Developmental work

All of the developmental work is funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) which operates in connection with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The funds come from the gaming revenue of Veikkaus Oy.


Memory Advice

The aim of the Memory Advice (Muistineuvo in Finnish) phone service is to help ensure safe and individual lives for people with memory diseases. It offers timely and comprehensive information and advice for people with memory diseases and their families.

The advisers are professionals in the field of memory diseases, and belong to the Alzheimer Society’s network of professionals. The Alzheimer Society of Finland coordinates the phone service, and offers advisers training according to the needs and requests that arise during calls.

The Memory Advice phone service is open three days a week. The Swedish-language service is open once a week. There are around 800 calls a year, around half of which are answered – this is because most conversations are fairly long.

For more information: Muistineuvo and Project Coordinator Mailis Heiskanen (see contact information below)

Muistiluotsi expert and suppor centres

Muistiluotsi centres (Memory Pilot in English) are provincial expert and support centres maintained by member associations of the Alzheimer Society of Finland. They offer help and support to people with memory-related diseases, their family members and friends. The network of expert and support centres offers an interconnected and nationally extensive network of services that are of uniform quality and operate near the people who need them.

There are a total of 18 Muistiluotsi centres in 17 regions, with each one primarily managed by an memory association operating in the region, with the exception of Uusimaa, which has two managing associations. A total of about 80 memory professionals work in Muistiluotsi centres. The national network is coordinated, steered and monitored by the Alzheimer Society of Finland.

You can get more information on memory, memory disorders, memory-related diseases, treatment and rehabilitation from the regional Muistiluotsi centres and local memory associations.

The centres offer...

  • support
    • advice and guidance in memory-related issues over the telephone and in person
    • support with memory problems, help with the myriad of services
    • opportunities to share thoughts with other people in the same situation
    • possibilities for participation, making an impact and bringing to light the needs of people with memory-related diseases
  • information
    • on memory-related diseases
    • on the well-being and brain health of people with memory-related diseases and their families
    • on local services
  • activities
    • memory cafés, peer support groups, recreation and pleasant gatherings
    • Muisti-KaVeRi volunteers and opportunities for volunteer work
    • lectures and events

Contact information for the centers can be found here.

For more information: Coordinator Krista Pajala (see contact information below)

My Choice

My Choice (Minun valintani in Finnish) is a project which aims to strengthen the ability of people with memory-related diseases to make good choices in the new social and health care system. Therefore, the project will develop and provide tools for people with memory-related diseases.

The project also encourages to listen to people with memory-related diseases as experts of their own life, strengthening the participation of families of people with memory-related diseases when the services are developed.

The steering group of the project not only consists of experts, but also of people with memory-related diseases and their family members. Their involvement is already visible from the planning stage of the project on and reaches through the monitoring stage too.

The local associations can get financial support to provide counselling and guidance to families of people with memory related diseases. The role of the assisting persons is central in guidance.

The project consists of three phases that are carried out from 2018 to 2020. At the beginning, the project sorts out the condition of social and health care services from the point of view of families of people with memory-related diseases. The information of good practices as well as challenges are then gathered and listed. The first-stage research is followed by the creation of supported decision-making models. These models will then be implemented in pilot regions which can be a whole county or smaller areas.

For more information: Minna Teiska (see contact information below)

National Coordination project of volunteer work

The aim of the project is to find out the current stage of volunteer work in 44 memory associations around Finland. The project is called Iloa ja voimaa in FinnishWe try to find out different ways to help and support the associations to make more systematic and better quality voluntary work.

The project has offered basic training of how to coordinate and motivate volunteers and thank them for their work. The training continues, and material will also be published according to the needs of the memory associations. One of the main goals is to make volunteer work among the memory  associations more visible and more public.

We also aim to discuss the possibilities that people with memory diseases could do as a volunteer. And not only in memory associations, but also in all third sector organizations in Finland.

For more information: Planner Emmaleena Niemi (see contact information below)

For more information:

Minna Teiska
tel. 09 6226 2061, 044 727 7406
Kehittämishankkeet ja -projektit, kehittämis- ja koulutuskokonaisuudet (työharjoittelut ja opinnäytetyöt), Muistikonferenssi.

Mailis Heiskanen
tel. 09 6226 2018, 050 571 3551
Muistineuvo- ja Vertaislinja -puhelinpalveluiden valtakunnallinen koordinaatio, Tukinet-keskustelupalsta, Muistiluotsikoordinaatio ja verkoston tuki (Etelä-Suomi).

Krista Pajala
tel. 09 6226 2013, 050 331 8915
Muistiluotsi-asiantuntija- ja tukikeskusverkoston valtakunnallinen koordinointi ja verkoston tuki ja neuvonta.

Emmaleena Niemi
suunnittelija, Iloa ja voimaa -vapaaehtoishanke
tel. 044 7277 401