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For working-age adults

Memory symptom questionnaire

The Memory Symptom Questionnaire for Working-age Adults form can be used as an aid in an interview when one wishes to find out whether the customer has problems with regard to memory, concentrating or learning new things. The goal is to facilitate opening discussion about memory-related issues with working-age adults. Thus potential problems are identified and an intervention can be effected as early as possible.

The first page of the form maps how the symptoms have begun and how they affect everyday life. Progressive memory disorders are, fortunately, rare in working-age adults, but their early recognition is highly important.

Other factors that may possibly cause various cognitive disorders are mapped on the second page. Indeed, page two serves as a sort of a list of all the factors to be considered when looking into memory disorders of working-age adults.

If no explanation for the disorders is uncovered even after these extensive examinations, a referral to a neurologist must immediately be written for a more precise evaluation. In this case, all the information collected for the form, as well as other background surveys (a description of the customer's clinical status, the results of laboratory tests, descriptions of work tasks and working conditions etc.), must be included in the referral in order to make the process as fast as possible.

More information:

The questionnaire has been developed in the project Cerebral Health and Memory of Working-age Adults (Aivoterveys ja muisti työikäisillä) as a tool for those who work in patient reception in, for example, occupational health care.

Katja Laine / Varsinais-Suomen Muistiyhdistys ry

Page updated 26.11.2015
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