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Development projects

Current and past development projects and studies of the Alzheimer Society of Finland

Expert and Support Centres Network - The Memory Pilot project

The network of local expert and support centres aims to strengthen volunteer work and coperation in the dementia work and to improve and expand the services for people with dementia.

Contact: Maaret Alaranta (Coordinator)

People with early-onset dementia

We aim to improve the services for people under 65 with dementia. One important goal is to increase the knowledge about the group concerned.

Contact: Heidi Härmä (Specialist)

Finnish Social Security System

157 professionals who work with people with dementia (e.g. memory nurses, dementia coordinators, social workers) were interviewed using a questionnaire. Eight people with dementia and some of their family members were interviewed individually. The primary aim of the study was to clarify how and if equality is achieved in the availability of public social security when people with dementia and people with other challenges are compared.

The results of this study showed that there are certain social security services that are not equally available for every diagnostic group. Especially rehabilitation and transportation services are easier to get for people with other diagnosis than for people with diseases that cause dementia. Both professionals and people with dementia experienced the availability in the same way.

Are people with dementia equal in Finnish social security system (pdf)

Contact: Anna Tamminen (Director, Organizational Development)

Customer-orientated service system for people with dementia

The aim is to strenghtem the service system and especially rehabilitation services for people with dementia and their families. The project has made a vast study concerning the life with dementia on the first year after the diagnosis.

Contact: Mailis Heiskanen (Project Planner)

Brain Health for Teenagers

The project aimed to promote teenagers’ knowledge about the issues that affect their learning capability and the good condition of brain and memory.

Life is Cool with Fit Brains (pdf)

Contact: Heidi Härmä (Specialist)

Help in Time in Homecare

The project promoted the legal rights of people with dementia and their carers by providing legal counselling, education and raising the legal issues to the agenda of the Finnish society.

Contact: Anna Tamminen  (Director, Organizational Development)

Pathways of Rehabilitation

The project’s main tasks were to definite and clarify the terminology in rehabilitation, to create a training model of rehabilitation, to create networks for local rehabilitation professionals and service providers and to create a model of rehabilitation for people with dementia.

Multi-sensory Memory Lane for People with Dementia

Contact: Heidi Härmä (Specialist)

The Image of Dementia Work in Finland

The project aimed to promote positive attitudes towards dementia work by carrying out a campaign for the elderly care among students. The aim was to increase the amount of students specializing in care for the elderly. At the same time the campaign aimed at uniting the actors in the field. The image campaign was planned and carried out in cooperation with other major associations in the field of elderly care. There was a campaign brochure and a website where you could find study options and also interviews with young people working with older people.

Image Campaign for Dementia-work in Finland

Contact: Anna Tamminen (Director, Organizational Development)

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The Alzheimer Society of Finland was established in 1988 to provide help and assistance for people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. The society is a non-profit organisation and it is mainly funded by the Finnish Slot Machine Association.